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OUR VISION is to empower each individual to embrace challenges as growth, overcome adversity, and reach their full potential.


OUR MISSION is to make the resilience and emotional intelligence education, tools, and coaching needed to succeed in life, accessible to all.

The Unbroken Aura Academy was founded in 2022.


There's no denying we live in unprecedented times with immense uncertainty and volatility. What we all knew socially and economically has changed drastically and will continue to do so... the need for resilience and emotional intelligence is required more than ever before. Heres your answer!



We believe in the importance of emotional awareness…The ability to recognize and understand your own emotions and the emotions of others is the foundation to helping you better understand and manage your own emotions, as well as your relationships with others. It improves your communication skills and helps you navigate difficult situations more effectively. Overall, emotional awareness is an important aspect of self-awareness and self-regulation, which has a positive impact on both your personal and professional life.​



We believe everyone needs to be empowered…Self-empowerment is the process of gaining control over your life and developing the confidence and skills to make positive changes. We know a transformation coach is a valuable resource in this process, as they can provide knowledge, guidance, support, and accountability to help you reach your goals. One key aspect of self-empowerment is building confidence. A coach can help you to develop a positive mindset, challenge negative thoughts and beliefs, set realistic goals, help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, provide feedback and support to help you overcome challenges and make progress whilst celebrating your successes.​



We believe in the path of personal enlightenment…Self-enlightenment is the journey of gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and place in the world. Often seen as a spiritual journey, as it involves exploring your inner self and gaining insight into the nature of reality. However, it can also be a secular process that focuses on personal growth and self-improvement.  Self-enlightenment is a lifelong journey, and there are many different paths and practices that you can follow to support this process,  including meditation, mindfulness, journaling, therapy, and self-reflection. Overall, we believe self-enlightenment involves exploring and developing your full potential through a variety of tools and techniques to find meaning and purpose in life.


About Rob Ellingham

Rob is a father, an award-winning entrepreneur, a decorated Australian Army veteran, a Transformation Coach, and founder of the Unbroken Aura Academy.

For over 20 years Rob achieved success in both public and private sectors, founding multiple enterprises, the dream family home, and living in paradise.

On the outside, he looked happy, strong, and confident, but internally he was fighting a personal battle that would

eventually, take its toll.

Rob was privately battling with PTSD, depression, and self-sabotage. He continually suppressed his emotions from numerous significant and tragic life events that left him with deep trauma. It led to a total breakdown personally and professionally.

Despite the challenges, Rob immersed himself in personal development, resilience, and spiritual growth to transform his life.


Now he specializes in working with individuals, entrepreneurs, decision-makers, and career climbers who are ready to be empowered, make positive life changes and learn how to reach their full potential.

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